Award winning photographer Phil Maurion is the driving force behind Visual Advantage’s unique quality, which has led to his work making an important difference in our clients’ marketing efforts.  We specialize in Real Estate, Architectural, Commercial photography and videography as well as Interactive Floor plans. The team is led by Phil’s dedication to non-compromising quality, attention to detail and commitment to the success of each project. All of our photographers we employ have an eye for great images and it speaks for itself when viewing our work.

We are a progressive “one-stop shop” and we always look for new products and services to continue to grow and offer to our clients.  As new technologies develop, we will always embrace them and push to always be the first in our area to offer them to our customers.

We hope that you try us out on your next project and see how we can make a difference for you.

Our Team

  • Phil Maurion
    Phil Maurion Founder/Chief Operating Officer
  • Elle Kapuscinski
    Elle Kapuscinski Admin
  • Mark Lammert
    Mark Lammert Photographer/Videographer
  • Clinton Spindley
    Clinton Spindley Photographer
  • Deane Calvin
    Deane Calvin Photographer/Videographer
  • Tara Martin
    Tara Martin Photographer
  • Rachel Clark Weiberg
    Rachel Clark Weiberg Photographer
  • Alex Oriente
    Alex Oriente Photographer
  • David Webb
    David Webb Photographer/Videographer/Aerial
  • Ewen Lewis
    Ewen Lewis Photographer
  • Michael Goencz
    Michael Goencz Photographer/Videographer
  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett Photographer/Videographer/Aerial (Muskoka)
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