igiGuide is a complete, immersive listing solution that offers buyers and users an incredible understanding and perception of the space.  Our system allows you to know exactly where you are inside the property at any time.  You can download floor plans in PDF format or link to them directly from your website as well as measure the space online.  iGuide 3D Interactive Floor Plan Virtual Tours allows you to offer an interactive property experience to your clients like no other.

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We will:

  • Capture measurements of every room, Usable Floor Area (UFA) as well as Gross Floor Area (GFA).
  • Give buyers all the tools they need to view and interact with their potential new home.
  • Stunning visuals. Combined with our team of trained professional photographers, we give you the most comprehensive Interactive Floor Plan system available.


Interactive Floor Plans

Instantly teleport to any room. Download plans in PDF format.

Accurate Measurements

Dimensions of major rooms provided. Take on-screen measurements.

Enhanced 360 Degree Views

Complete views of every room. Look up, down, and all around.

Panoramic Video

Interactive video walk-through. Sit and watch or call the shots.


Direction to geographic north. Assess amount of sunlight.

Custom Image Capture

Point and zoom in panoramas. Save custom screenshots.

Photo Gallery

Vivid still pictures. Use for MLS and marketing.

Neighbourhood Maps

Satellite views. Explore surrounding area.


This video explains more about what an iGuide can do for you:


High Quality Photos

High Quality Photos

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

Intractive 3D Floor Plans (iGuide)

Intractive 3D Floor Plans (iGuide)


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