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MATTERPORT VS. iGUIDEA hot question in today’s Real Estate virtual world has to do with the differences between Matterport and iGUIDE.

Now that we offer both options, we felt the need to lay it out in a clear fashion to help you make the right choice for your real estate needs.

Looking at it from a Realtor, and anyone selling a property’s perspective, one major difference on the measurement output side between the two, is that the iGUIDE provides you with measurements including the Interior and Exterior SQ. FT. amounts for each property.  The Exterior Sq. Ft. calculation is the number you need to enter on MLS for a typical Single Detached home.   So what do you do if you don’t receive this number?  How are you getting this number and what source are you using?  That will be something that I will monitor closely over the next few weeks and see how our customers will be dealing with it if using Matterport.

On the PDF floor plan side, both the iGUIDE and Matterport (with Floor Plan option added) provides you with both Sq.Feet and Sq. Meters.  This is great in the event that you have a buyer that lives oversees and needs to have Sq. Meters presented to them.

Both options are great, and on the Matterport side, the ease of navigation is truly a breeze.  Being able to use your keyboard arrows to move around, makes it more of a “game like” feel and is a really easy way to navigate around the property and feel even more immersed while going in and out of the rooms.  The visuals are ultra clear and lighting is well balanced and even throughout.  The Dollhouse effect on Matterport I do personally like, and it is a very useful feature to navigate around the 3D floor plan of the property and makes Matterport instantly recognizable as it is unique to that platform.

Below, you can reference a couple more visual pieces that we hope will help you understand what each service includes.  The first page is a side by side comparison, and the second page highlights our package offering for both options.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, Phil.



Click here to view a sample of this Matterport with Photo Package: HERE







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