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It is so interesting to me, when we come across photos previously captured by one of our competitors of the exact same home we just shot for one of our clients, how the previous photos often make it look like it is a completely different house.   (See photo examples below).

If the house looks bright, open and the photographer used the right angles to capture the space, it is proven that it will drive more traffic and get more potential buyers walking through the door.  It’s that simple and it’s what I like to call “Marketing 101”.   Yet, in our industry, it seems that some people still don’t understand this basic marketing concept when they hire untrained photographers to shoot their listings.
I often use the analogy of shopping online for a car to explain the importance of getting great photos and how it can make a world of difference.  If you are shopping for a used car and you come across 3 ads for the exact same type of vehicle and see the following:

1 – The first ad has no pictures at all.
2 – The second ad has photos but they are dark and don’t look appealing.
3 – The third ad really shows well, with photos that are bright and clear.

Which one will you be drawn to and are most likely to pick up the phone to ask more questions about?  I think the answer is obvious 🙂  This applies to Real Estate the same as it does when shopping for any product.

In the photo example below, if you only saw one of the two sets of photos, which house are you most likely to visit?

If you have any questions regarding this article, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Phil Maurion
Real Estate and Architectural Photographer



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